Holdfast provides insurance protection for retail, offices, trades, commercial and industrial businesses. We not only cover your assets in times of loss, but try to go a step further and insure your profits as well.



Covers your business for damage caused by fire, storm, lightning, explosion, impact and earthquake. This is for property for which you are legally responsible, and includes the actual building, outbuildings, annexes and gangways, as well as anything permanently fixed to the premises (pipes, wires, built in air conditioners).

Broadform liability

Will indemnify your business against Public Liability and/or Products Liability. Public Liability is your liability to pay damages for accidents in the course of conducting your business. Products Liability is your legal liability to pay for damages caused by an unknown defect in your product.

Professional indemnity

For businesses providing advice, Professional Indemnity covers damages caused by an error or an omission in that advice.


Covers your business against theft or attempted theft either during or outside business hours. Can be for specifically specified items or general limits.

Business interruption

Covers you if your business is interrupted or interfered with and, as a result, cannot properly function for a period of time. Business Interruption will indemnify you (to a calculated limit) with respect to Gross Profit, Payroll, Increased Cost of Working, Reinstatement of Documents, Book Debts, Gross Rentals, Weekly Income and Accountants' Fees.

Machinery breakdown

Covers the working machinery of your business for sudden and unexpected physical damage which requires repair or replacement to enable normal work to continue. Machinery is defined as electric, electronic, mechanical or hydraulic machinery belonging to the business. This policy also covers you for Cold Chambers, Deterioration of Stock, Mobile Machinery and Pressure Equipment.

Management liability

Management Liability packages specialise in cover for private companies, not for profits and associations. There is a selection of insurance covers depending on your circumstances. Covers can include protection against a wrongful act, employment practices, wrongful dismissal and general protection for office bearers relating to their duties as a director or officer of a company or organisation.

General property

Covers contents that are taken off site, such as mobile phones, tools of trade, and notebook computers. Standard cover is fire & perils, theft from locked vehicle or premises following forcible entry and accidental damage. Items must be individually specified with make, model, serial number and value.  Cover can also be extended for items being taken overseas.


Covers your business in the event of the breakage of internal glass or external glass and signage at your premises.

Electronic Equipment

Covers the electronic equipment of your business, such as Laptops and computer systems. Basic Cover covers loss due to a sudden and accidental break down of an item of insured property whilst Accidental Damage covers loss or damage to items of insured property due to a variety of causes.


Covers your business for a specified amount from theft of monies during or outside business hours whether in a locked safe, in transit or in private residence.

Employee Dishonesty

Indemnifies your business against  employee theft of money, negotiable instruments or goods which belong to You or for which You are liable.

Personal Accident

Covers you in the event of an accident for earnings you would have normally received had you not been involved in the accident. The amount is always specified and can be for any period up to two years.

Vehicle and Fleet

Covers your business vehicles for loss and or damage as well as your liability to any Third Party following an accident.

Industrial Special Risks

Designed for businesses where total assets, such as building and contents have a very high value. The policy is very similar to that of a normal business insurance policy but with higher limits and sums insured.