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Travel Insurance
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No matter where you're going, the signs of trouble aren't always obvious. With AIG travel insurance you can protect yourself and your holiday quickly, easily and at a great price.

AIG travel insurance covers you against unwelcome surprises including overseas medical and hospital costs, stolen and lost luggage, trip cancellations, flight delays and more. You'll also get 24 hour access to Travel Guard emergency assistance, for expert help any time you need it. So take advantage of AIG travel insurance and avoid landing in trouble.

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Key Benefits of Your Policy

Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits
Charges incurred due to unforeseen circumstances outside Your control such as sickness or accident, retrenchment and strikes. Includes travel agents' fees and reimbursement for frequent flyer points lost. (Refer to Section D of Your Policy Wording)

Overseas medical, hospital, cash in hospital, dental and related expenses
Medical, dental and accommodation costs and, when agreed to by Us, Your early return to Australia for medical reasons.

Cash in Hospital
After 48 hours hospitalisation overseas we will pay You $50 for every 24 hours You are confined for out-of-pocket expenses and other comforts. This is in addition to Your medical and hospital costs.

Covers accidental loss, theft or damage to Your luggage, including duty-free purchases and loss or fraudulent use of credit cards. Limits apply to any one item of luggage: $600 under One-trip International Plans and Annual Multi-trip Plans $500 under One-trip Domestic Plan Q12 Special limits apply for camera, video camera, laptop computer equipment, and set of golf clubs: $3,000 under One-trip International Plans and Annual Multi-trip Plans $500 under One-trip Domestic Plan Q12

Sporting Equipment
Sporting Equipment is covered for loss or damage as part of Your luggage up to the limit specified in Your selected plan but is not covered when in use. Items included are surfboards, boogie boards, skis, snowboards and tennis racquets. Golf clubs are covered at the higher limit per plan. We will also pay for the hire of replacement golf clubs and ski gear in the event that Your equipment is delayed.

Luggage Specified Items
Cover on items worth more than the limits shown (including sporting equipment and cameras) can be arranged up to a maximum $4,000 for any one item or set with a maximum of $8,000 in total by paying an additional premium of 4% on the Insured value of these specified items. You must provide Us with receipts for purchase or valuations (not more than twelve months old) in support of any claim that may occur.

Emergency cover if luggage is delayed
Note that Luggage cover is not provided under plans PH12 and PL12.

Emergency Expenses
Cover for Additional Accommodation, Meal and Travelling Expenses including emergency personal telephone calls if Your Trip is disrupted.

Travel Delay
Cover for reasonable accommodation and meals if You are delayed by carriers for more than ten hours.

Resumption of Trip
Cover for expenses to resume Your original Trip should You return to Australia with Our consent following the death, or sudden Serious Injury or Illness, of You, Your Travelling Companion or a Relative or close business associate. This cover does not apply to one way tickets. (Not applicable to Plans PH12, PL12 or Q12.)

Home Help
If You have been hospitalised overseas for more than 10 days and we have repatriated You back to Australia, we will provide if required (up to $1,500 for single cover and $3,000 for family cover) for assistance provided by a company providing housekeeping or similar services registered for GST in Australia. This benefit does not extend to home nursing. (Not applicable to Plans PH12, PL12 and Q12.)

Accidental Death
Occurring as a result of an accident or Terrorist Act – includes in-flight cover. Note that Accidental Death cover is not provided under plans PH12 and PL12. (Refer to Section H of Your Policy Wording) Accident Disability Provides You with a lump sum benefit if You suffer a permanent disability during Your Trip due to an accident. (Refer to Section J of Your Policy Wording) Your liability for causing loss or damage to property, injury or death Protection for You being liable for injuring other persons or causing damage to their property and, most importantly, Your legal expenses are included. Note that Liability cover is not provided under plans PH12 and PL12.

Rental vehicle collision damage and theft excess cover
Rental car companies apply an excess in case of accident, damage or theft to the rental vehicle during the rental period. Your policy provides cover for this up to an amount of $4,000. Please note that conditions and exclusions apply to this cover. The hiring agreement must incorporate comprehensive motor insurance against loss or damage to the rental vehicle. You also have the option to increase the level of excess cover up to a maximum of $6,000. An extra premium of $15 is payable for each $500 of additional excess cover required. Note that Rental Vehicle Excess cover is not provided under plans PH12 and PL12.

Loss of Income
Provides cover for the loss of Your usual income to a limit of $400 per week for 13 weeks if You are unable to resume work upon Your return due to an accident or Terrorist Act overseas. Note that Loss of Income cover is not provided under plans PH12, PL12 and Q12.

Financial Default
Provides reimbursement of reasonable costs to assist You should there be a Financial Default of Your travel services provider. This does not include travel agents.

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