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Personal Travel Insurance

No matter where you're going, the signs of trouble aren't always obvious. When you arrange your travel insurance call the team at Holdfast Insurance Brokers who can protect yourself and your holiday quickly, easily and at a great price.

Buyer Beware

All travel insurance policies are NOT created equal

Buying travel insurance is quick and easy. You can go onto dozens of websites, answer a couple of basic questions, hand over your credit card details and the job’s done. The sales information and FAQ’s make the policy, (PDS), sound great, so you think it’s a waste of time reading all of the fine print; BIG MISTAKE.

Insurance companies tell you to read their PDS and offer to refund your money if you find that it’s unsuitable for your needs and that’s their “get out of jail free card” when you don’t.

There are big differences between the cover provided by different insurers usually in the most critical areas that you NEED cover. 

One such area to be aware of is the “pre-existing conditions” exclusions. Insurers will, to varying degrees, exclude cover for any illness or condition that is ongoing, or which you were aware of, or has been treated or investigated prior to taking out the insurance. It’s those varying degrees that make the big difference when selecting a travel policy. Beware. Those “pre-existing conditions” exclusions may also apply to your relatives who are not travelling with you. If you need to return home due to the sudden serious illness or death of a relative while you’re away you may not have cover if they have previously suffered from the condition which caused the illness or death. Even some of the activities you may engage in, such as hiring a motor cycle, may not be covered by your policy.

The Good News

Holdfast Insurance Brokers can help you to choose a travel insurance policy that considers YOUR circumstances.

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